The CastandHire Network

The CastandHire Network

CastandHire is a creative platform focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of film crew and actors in Ireland who are passionate about making film.

Our goal is to connect, empower and inspire creators within the film industry.

While new jobs are posted on the site weekly, our focus is on creating valuable content through high-end collaborations, masterclasses, strategies, tools, and techniques to help you book those roles and move forward in your career. 

Profits generated within the CastandHire Network will go directly back to our members in the form of production funding. Through this, we aim to encourage creativity and collaboration within the community; Ultimately, helping you to expand your network, while getting the exposure to push your creative career forward.

Taking control. As a freelancer, whether you’re an actor or crew member it’s not always easy to sustain yourself while pursuing a career in film. For us, allowing filmmakers to take control means creating a platform by filmmakers, for filmmakers. The website belongs to our members, and the CastandHire Members' Club is a place where support is given and suggestions can be made on getting more from this resource. 

So jump in and take control. Help us help you create magic - we’re ready!

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