Building Captivating, Relatable Characters for Stage and Screen


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Masterclass Overview

If you’ve ever lost interest in a film, it’s likely because the characters are underdeveloped, stereotypical, or simply not interesting. Characters are the soul of your story and are a vital element to successful storytelling.

Over the course of this 6-video series, our goal is to guide you through the basics of creating multi-dimensional characters that will drastically strengthen your stories. We’ll be diving into character biographies, traditional story structure, types of character arcs and what they mean for your story, character goals, wants, needs, and much more. We’ll discuss how each factor aids in developing your character, and ultimately your overall story.

This class is not only beneficial to writers and directors, but also to actors who are interested in gaining a deep understanding of how characters are developed during the writing phase.

Bringing a character to life on paper can be similar to bringing a character to life on screen or on stage, and getting a good sense of both can drastically help the actor with performance and their own character preparation.

Each class has an action step with a downloadable document attached. To get the most out of this Masterclass, we suggest following along and actually completing the action steps before moving on to the next class.