Master The General American Accent


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Masterclass Overview

In a shrinking world, accurate accents and dialects have become more important, and the flexibility to change your voice as an actor has become an important asset along with it.

This Masterclass goes through the many sounds of General American, the accent spoken by news anchors on CNN, to the residents of most major cities in the United States, to almost every lead on every television show set in the USA. If you're looking to increase your casting range within Ireland, or you're looking to make the move to one of the major production hubs in North America – LA, New York, Toronto, or Vancouver – a solid General American dialect is a must.

This class is led by John Fleming a dialect and dialogue coach based in Toronto, Canada. He's worked on plays, films, television and video games, such as Assassin's Creed, Umbrella Academy, The Boys, and The Expanse.

This one-hour series takes you through physical placement of the accent, the musicality of American phrasing, rhythm, stress, variability within the dialect, consonant and vowel sounds. Equipping you with exercises, and the knowledge needed to speak with a solid American accent, with no detection otherwise.

Video #1: The first of three videos cover "overall" elements of the General American dialect. These include the physical placement of the accent, the musicality of American phrasing, rhythm, stress, and variability within the dialect as a whole.

Video #2: Digging deeper into the dialect, Video 2 takes you through the consonant sounds of General American, from /th/ sounds all the way through to the American /r/.

Video #3: The third and final video continues on with sound changes, and goes through all vowel sounds of the American dialect, looping back to Video #1 to tie all threads into the sturdy rope of General American.