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Masterclass Overview

Are you a highly trained actor, but you seem to stumble when it comes to auditioning?! Or, are you just starting out and need a road map to navigate the slippery slopes in the film industry? How would you like a VIP pass to learn casting secrets on booking more acting jobs from one of the top Casting Directors in Hollywood?

Based on her top-selling DVD, Marci Liroff's Audition Bootcamp, she has created a one-of-a-kind online class to help actors learn exactly what it takes to win the role in a film and television audition. She'll take you step by step on the audition process.

This is a must-have for any actor! The online course is designed to provide a clear perspective of acting and auditioning from the business end to the creative side. From her 40+ years as a casting director, producer and acting coach, Marci will give you insider secrets such as:
  • Audition techniques that will make them remember you
  • Re-framing your perspective to book more jobs.
  • On-camera technique to show that you're a pro.
  • Essential knowledge into the competitive world of auditioning from the point of view of directors, producers, studio executives and casting directors.
  • Easy-to-follow video clips take you through the process from preparation, what you should be doing in the audition room (and what not to do!), and your all-important mindset before, during and after the audition.

  • Competition is huge in this business - this course will give you the edge over other actors.

    "I know you're all being sold gimmicks and tools and shortcuts to 'Get on the red carpet' and 'Get on the A-List'... Frankly, I don't think that should be your goal. If all you're seeking is fame, then you're probably in it for the wrong reasons. I believe, and I think you do too, that you're an artist - a storyteller. You want to be on stage and on screen because you have a story to share and characters to embody. Your audition should not feel like a visit to the doctor! It is your time to show us what you've got. I will help you feel more in your body than you've ever felt before." - Marci Liroff

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    Make a commitment to yourself and take advantage of a rare opportunity to sharpen your audition skills under the guidance of one of the most respected and successful casting directors in Hollywood.

    About your instructor MARCI LIROFF:
    Marci Liroff’s extensive credits as a casting director and producer span more than 50 films.

    While working at the renowned casting office of Fenton-Feinberg Casting she, along with Mike Fenton, cast such films as Bob Clark's “A Christmas Story” and “Porky’s”; the Academy Award-nominated “Poltergeist”; Steven Spielberg's “E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”, and Ridley Scott's “Blade Runner”.

    After establishing her own casting company in 1983, MARCI LIROFF CASTING, Liroff cast “Footloose”, “St. Elmo's Fire”, “Pretty in Pink”, “The Iron Giant”, “The Spitfire Grill”, “Untamed Heart”, “Freaky Friday”, “Mean Girls”, “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”, “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”, "Vampire Academy", "The Sublime and Beautiful" and "Magic Camp".

    Liroff has been a successful acting coach for the last ten years. Working with star clients and those just starting out, she will help you prep for upcoming auditions or jobs. She offers coaching through Skype and FaceTime if you aren't in Los Angeles. More information here.

    Whether it's an indie or big blockbuster movie, Liroff makes a good film great and a great film a classic.

    Learn from the best!


    "It is most important to be prepared and feel confident when you walk into the room. I felt very comfortable working with Marci. Her approach was perfect for me, as if we were in rehearsals for a stage play—breaking down each beat—details, details, details. The hours flew by and it was even fun. She gave me honest feedback and more importantly, an insider's look as to what other casting directors look for and expect. That helped put me at ease which added an extra confidence when I walked into the room—very important."

    Rosie Perez
    Pineapple Express, Fearless, Untamed Heart, White Men Can't Jump, and The Counselor


    "What I like about Marci is that she does not try to mold you into something that is outside of yourself. She recognizes your strengths and creates a comfortable environment where you can really allow yourself to be free and find some interesting moments."

    Dave Franco
    21 Jump Street, Warm Bodies, Now You See Me


    "Marci Liroff's course is a must for every actor. I have been an Agent for over 12 years and the information on this course is a great resource. If you are a new to the business or a long time veteran, this course is a must have."

    Chaim Magnum – Lemonlime Agency


    "I firmly believe that this is a MUST have for all actors. Marci was able to do something that no institution was able to do. She effectively constructed a blue print on how to successfully brand your product, packaged it in an easy to follow format, and made it available for in all demographics."

    Wesley Saintlouis


    Marci's course was not only incredibly informative, but she presents very complicated information in an organized, very well designed, and easy to follow format. It is a must for everyone already involved with, or wanting to begin their venture into, the entertainment industry. This is the best investment anyone can make--it certainly was for me.

    Dr. Brian Gedeon


    "For anyone who is acting - Marci's course is an absolute must have! One thing you do or don't do in an audition - that they learn from Marci's course - could make or break your career!"

    Elaine Wilkes, Actress


    "I always wanted to know what casting directors look for, and now I know. The course is the ultimate audition guide. There's an abundance of valuable advice and tips for anyone serious about acting. I think those who take this course will definitely have an advantage by knowing what to do to prepare and knowing all the do’s and don'ts. It has helped demystify the audition process for me. The information presented in the course is very straight forward and easy to understand. I know I will definitely watch this again and put into practice all that I learn from it. Thank you Marci for putting together such a valuable resource!"

    Rob Novakov


    "Marci's course was exactly what I needed to better understand the anatomy of the audition. Her experience as a casting director and her wealth in character as a person make the class a delight and leavse you with more than your money's worth. This is not a class where you are simply being preached at, rather, it is a forum for actors to share their experiences under the guidance of an industry veteran. I left the class feeling prepared to tackle auditions with a confident perspective and an appreciation for the good souls still thriving in this business."

    Angelique Robinson


    "Marci, I love your course! This is like an entire season of crucial info packed into one package. You have a comfortable presentation style, your style is a pleasure to listen to and you often present a fresh perspective on the solid basics as well as bringing fresh insights to the actor. I highly recommend that actors add this to their arsenal of study materials! I will watch this again and again. Thank you!"

    Ray Remillard


    "Wow! Marci really helps to demystify the casting process. The principles that she talks about in her course are universally true whether you are auditioning in LA, New York, Toronto or anywhere. I especially loved the section on self-taping. We have the technology today to show filmmakers all over the world what we can do but we have to use the technology properly to present ourselves in the best possible light. Marci shows us how. I have been to casting director workshops in the past and always got the impression that the workshop was mainly a device to generate revenue during slow periods in the industry. But with Marci you know you are being taught by someone who truly likes and respects actors and wants them to be at their best. I loved the videos and I will be sure to recommend it to my Canadian actor friends. Thanks Marci."

    Neil Whitley