Casting Directors in Ireland

Casting Directors in Ireland

Who are the Casting Directors in Ireland? What is their role in the film industry? How do you get on their radar? Grab a cup of tea, and get cozy as we explain all!

What exactly do Casting Directors do?

In the Film and TV world, Casting Directors (CDs or casters) are hired by a production company to find a handful of talent for a given part in a production. The Caster does not decide who books the role, but will present a number of actors to the Producer and Director in the form of audition tapes. Once the Producer and Director have watched the actors’ auditions, they will then shortlist talent for callbacks, or make an offer. Casting Directors have one goal - to make their clients happy.

If the Producer/Director is not happy with the audition tapes that the CD has presented to them, they will be asked to send more options to choose from. For this reason, Casters must have a very good idea of all the actors who are available to them. This will allow Casters to select the right people to audition for every given role, and ultimately impress the Producers whom they are working for on the project. So whenever you’re brought in to audition, remember, you’re there because that Casting Director wants you to get the part.

In the theatre world, the Artistic Director of the production company generally holds their own auditions, thus there is no need for a middle person.

How should I approach a Casting Director?

There are a number of ways to get on a Casting Director’s radar…

  1. Attend a workshop
    CD’s will sometimes run workshops where they invite actors to perform a scene and give feedback. They might also hold a Q&A, and perhaps a powerpoint presentation with tips and industry insights. If you’re just starting out, this is a great way to meet Casting Directors that might not have seen your work. If the CD is impressed with your performance in their workshop, they will be more likely to bring you in for an audition when a suitable role crops up. Be aware – these workshops can cost anything between €30-€120 for a full day.  
  2. Send them your portfolio
    If you do not have an agent, it is a good idea to send your portfolio (Headshot, CV and Showreel) to Casting Directors once a year. Remember to write a short cover letter highlighting any new developments in your career, like a recent show or theatre production you were cast in. The CD will file your info and get in touch should the right part crop up. If you have an agent you do not need to email Casting Director, as your agent will take care of getting you seen for auditions.
    We have added a full list of Irish Casting Directors below, along with links to their websites. Many CD’s have indicated on their website the method in which they prefer actors to contact them. If they have not specified how they prefer you to contact them, you should send your portfolio by email only. Remember, Casting Directors are very busy, so best not to follow up with them. Once you have sent them your headshot, CV and showreel, trust that they will get in touch if/when a suitable opportunity arises.
  3. Follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter
    Casting Directors in Ireland have between 2,000 and 26,000 followers on social media. This gives them the perfect platform to reach thousands of actors at the touch of a button. For this reason, you will see a lot of Casting Directors posting casting calls on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

    So, make sure you follow every Casting Director (if possible) on Twitter & Facebook and click ‘Following’ > ‘See First’ at the top of their Facebook page so that everything they post will appear at the top of your news feed!

IMPORTANT: You should never pay a Casting Director to attend their auditions, or to apply for any roles they are casting (directly or indirectly).


Casting Directors in Ireland

Louise Kiely Casting
Known for: Kin, Normal People, Rosie, Cellar Door, Handsome Devil, Frank, Dublin Murders, Red Rock (Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy)


Carla Strong
Known for: Game of Thrones, The Dig, Krypton, The Fall (won 3 Primetime Emmys)


Maureen Hughes Casting
Known for: Once, This Must Be The Place, Maze, Love/Hate, Rebellion, Striking Out


Amy Rowan
Known for: The Clinic, Moone Boy, Damo & Ivor, Garage


Moiselle Casting
Known for: Vikings, Penny Dreadful, The Borgias, Veronica Guerin


Georgia Simpson Casting
Known for: Line of Duty, Five Minutes of Heaven, Good Vibrations, 37 Days


Dorothy MacGabhann Casting
Known for: Headrush, Eamon, Corporate Monster, Robin


Gillian Reynolds Casting
Known for: Primeval, Assassins, Out of Innocence


Pearce McMahon Casting
Known for: Eireville, Pavee Lackeen, The Traveller Girl


Celine Mullins Casting
Known for: Various commercials


Emma Gunnery
Known for: The Racer, Come to Daddy


Ali Coffey Casting
Known for: Michael Inside


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